What are we?                                            

Our Girls Enrichment Program (AKA Our Girls) is a 501c3 initiative that provides fun, holistic workshops
to instill Beauty From Within. These inspiring workshops share life lessons, practicals skills, and teach age
appropriate makeup application. Each workshop is focused on the enrichment and empowerment of
Our Girls.

Who are we?

The Makeup By Rory team has served the fashion and entertainment industry by providing celebrities
and professionals with hair, makeup and wardrobe services while mentoring and giving back to the
community. With Our Girls, we’re able to offer companies and community groups a resource that provides
enriching and empowering workshops for girls and young ladies. Beauty inside and out.

What is our goal?

It is our goal to support and instill confidence in young women, to help them overcome past obstacles.
This allows their inner strength and beauty to flourish, so they can become the successful women they
are meant to be. Our talent, as makeup artists, is to bring out someone’s inner beauty by enhancing
their natural beauty and appearance. In each workshop, we provide the foundation and instruction of this
talent in hopes that Our Girls will be able to tap into their own passion, purpose and leadership.

How can you help?

You can find out more information & Donate to Our Girls by visiting the Our Girls site below: